from-indian-lakes-everything-feels-better-noLabel: Triple Crown Records
Released: 14th October 2016

Immersing itself within the darker pools of the Indie Rock orientation, Everything Feels Better Now toils heavily with the notions of solitude and seclusion. Drawing upon the sublime and isolated landscapes of his childhood, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi also dabbles with elements of dream pop and shoegaze in this latest endeavour. This concludes the fourth full length release in the band’s portfolio, and subsequent to the widely acclaimed Absent Sounds.

Although there is just one individual in control of the instrumentation on the record, the complexity of the textures and composition throughout does not immediately suggest the work of a single mind. Skulking basslines and dark, delicate vocals weave together to form a melancholy and sorrowful ribbon of sound. Alongside keys and synths which twist and contort in and out of tune, an array of guitar melodies slice through, infusing faith and optimism. Hushed vocal tones fuse and swell to mould haunting harmonies, which dissipate seamlessly into the background in a serene haze.

In parts the tone almost acquires aspects of a lullaby, with lyrics delivered in whispers, exposing the album’s fragility and tender nature. Combined with the lo-fi aesthetic, this crafts a tranquil and faintly nostalgic flavour. A conscious lack of editing on the vocals and instrumentation complements the overall sombre affection, particularly on tracks such as ‘Rid Of It’, ‘Come Back’, and ‘Bare It’. Coupled with the use of vintage analog amps and synthesisers, it adorns the album with a glistening, rustic finish. Although there is not a vast dynamic differentiation between songs, most tracks effortlessly meander through to the next.

Whilst this is not always successful, it does little to shatter the serenity, but on occasion could be construed as disjointed. Interspersed between the calm is an essence of uncertainty, which ripples and writhes through the veins of the record.

Track List:
1.    Happy Machines
2.    The Monster
3.    Blank Tapes
4.    Bare It
5.    Hello
6.    Feel Love
7.    American Dreams
8.    Nome
9.    Sunlight
10.    Come Back
11.    Lose Myself
12. Rid Of It

Words by Madeline Smith

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