Label: Dine Alone Records
Released: October 21 2016

It’s been 3 years since Jimmy Eat World’s last album, Damage, was released- to some, this album was seen as a drop down in quality from their previous efforts. Would Integrity Blues be the album to regain the sound the pop-punk quartet maintained throughout the late 90s and 00s? The answer to that question is no; however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Integrity Blues sets off with a slow start in ‘You with Me’, a lone acoustic guitar accompanied by almost gospel voices in the background. The drumbeat kicks in and it’s immediately clear that it’s a Jimmy Eat World track. Vocalist Jim Adkins chimes in soon after, and while it’s not as fast paced as hits such as ‘Electable’ and ‘Pain’, over the past 3 years, the band’s sound has matured. It may be slower, but the clarity in Adkins’ voice shines through.

As the album progresses, it seems that some of the songs on Integrity Blues are there simply to buff out the album. Unlike Sum 41’s seminal recent album, a lot of the songs seem to be filler rather than killer. The songs that do stand out of the crowd, however, are brilliant. The main problem that Jimmy Eat World currently face is their tendency towards pushing out an album every 2-3 years, regardless of whether it appears they actually want to record new music or if they’ve found new inspiration. It seems that the band are under the pretense that once they’ve toured, the next step is to work on releasing a new album as soon as possible.

Jimmy Eat World have become one of the most established pop-punk bands around from the albums Futures and Bleed American. Maybe it’s time to have a break and focus on what the next exciting sound for the band is, rather than churning a new album out every couple of years.

Track list:
1. “You With Me”
2. “Sure and Certain”
3. “It Matters”
4. “Pretty Grids”
5. “Pass the Baby”
6. “Get Right”
7. “You Are Free”
8. “The End Is Beautiful”
9. “Through”
10. “Integrity Blues”
11. “Pol Roger”

Words by Charlie Hill

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