Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex

Little Mix are back with the first release from upcoming album Glory Days. Packed with attitude and sass, the song is obviously about THAT break up. Shade throwing verses teamed with a massive uplifting chorus ensures this will be another hit for the group who are seriously on a roll at the moment. Expect this to become the other break up anthem of the year alongside their other hit ‘Hair’. Fantastic job girls!

George McLoughlin

Tove Lo – True Disaster 

Since reaching fame with ‘Habits (Stay High)’ in 2014, the alternative pop artist has put out a string of singles. With a catchy yet laid back beat and a vocal that sounds not too dissimilar to Selena Gomez, ‘True Disaster’ is bound to be a club favourite this month.

With lyrics that most teenage girls can relate to, ‘Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster, you can be just what I want, my true disaster’, this song is destined to be a hit amongst the young population.

Elisha Cloughton

Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar – Don’t Wanna Know

If you’re among the hoards of folk who regularly ask “What happened to Maroon 5?”, ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ is NOT for you. It’s as though Adam Levine was asked to put out a single, knocked up some lyrics and a beat in half an hour, before throwing a dart at a board of successful artists to feature in the staple “rapper on a pop song” role – unlucky Kendrick Lamar.

Of the song’s 522 words, 122 are repeated (more often than not, it’s four at a time). For a guy who wrote “I’ve been the needle and the thread/Weaving figuration circles round your head”, the step down from Maroon 5’s once admirable lyricism is painful to witness.

Rupert Taylor

Kings Of Leon – Find Me

It’s album seven, one finds that the question of whether Kings Of Leon are still cut out for creating exciting, boundary-pushing music has reared its ugly head. ‘Find Me’ is simply, nothing new – a deleted scene from Mechanical Bull at best.

It’s always pleasant to listen to Caleb Followill’s husky, character filled vocals, but when the riffs are sub-par and the structure is predictable it’s hard to take from it anything authentic or even vaguely stirring.

Maddy Hardman

Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Much like their NWOAHM counterparts Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold already feel like they’re in their twilight years. Nine years and three drummers since their last original idea, the band continue to circle to creative drain with Brooks Wackerman, formerly of Bad Religion, doing a bad impression of the brilliant late Rev.

Musically less remarkable than ever, their latest eight-minute plod is only notable for it’s accompanying video featuring puppet Hillary Clinton, controlling more puppets, who are watching a puppet show. It’s so fucking #WOKE one could easily mistake it for the work of Megadeth – but at least Megadeth put up a bit of a fight before they settled into this kind of mediocrity.

Joe Gilbertson


Wiley feat. Devlin – Bring Them All

Eskiboy Wiley and Dagenham’s own Devlin are back causing a stir in the ever growing grime scene.

‘Bring Them All’ is the second song to be released off of Wiley’s latest album Godfather. After speculation caused by the Godfather of grime himself about the album’s release, it is set for a November release.

These two grime artists in their prime have made it clear that there are too many people jumping on the grime bandwagon and only true grime fans will understand the meanings behind most bars. This track is a big reminder that Wiley is back to doing what he does best and is no longer dabbling in pop.

Harvey Baldwin

Franz Ferdinand – Demagogue 

Donald Trump certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Franz Ferdinand have gone all-out with the release of ‘Demagogue’ solely to dig at the US presidential candidate. Written in a similar style to Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression leaning on a thudding bass line and a catchy guitar hook, although it gives it’s own spin with lyrics slamming Trump from all angles.

This release is part of the 30 days, 30 songs campaign from musicians who want a Trump Free America, the campaign it captures the essence of why so many resent this man.

Matt Smith

Two Door Cinema Club – Je Viens De La

‘Je Viens De La’ can quite possibly be the product of one of two things. First, Two Door Cinema Club’s need to steer away from the stereotypical “safe” sound that has orbited them since the Tourist History days. Or second, the need that has become of many artists nowadays to revive the allure of 80’s pop music. Uplifting, energetic and highly irresistible, the track is filled with feel-good 80’s pop vibes with a glossy overcoat of pop-funk. A slightly more glistening clog in the 80’s-pop-revival machine.

Hayley Millross

Jagwar Ma – Ordinary 

The Aussie trio return with a melodic daydream, ‘Ordinary’, from their second album, Every Now & Then.

Compared to the slow starting, ‘Colours of Paradise’ and the tedious distortion from, ‘Don’t Make It Right’, ‘Ordinary’ certainly steals the limelight on the album. This hazy delight is driven by similar psychedelic synths and woozy electronica that featured in their debut album, Howlin. Aside from frontman, Gabriel Winterfield‘s dreamy vocals, the unexpected Caribbean Rasta voice entering halfway through has to be a personal highlight of ‘Ordinary’.

Charlotte Miles


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