hooton-tennis-club-big-box-of-chocolatesReleased: 21/10/2016
Label: Heavenly 

If Hooton Tennis Club’s new album was in fact a big box of chocolates, it would be a tray of classic favourites with plenty of unique twists.

The second album from the Wirral based indie rockers is a treat of sublime basslines and guitar riffs that pack a punch. The album carries a sound heavy in parts and jangly pop in others, with lyrics more emotionally driven than the those found on first album. Lead single ‘Katy-Anne Bellis’, with its irresistible shimmering pop and contagious indie guitar riffs, is The Smiths with a lot more bite.

Second track ‘Bootcut Jimmy the G’ hints at subtle lyrical genius with the line “struts around like a toothache”, and with its mesmerising guitar riffs and stuttered vocals forms the focal point of the album. There is also beautiful word play in ‘Statue of the Greatest Woman I Know’, in which the object of lead singer Ryan Murphy’s desire is described as being so beautiful that she can “stand out in the rain, stand out in the sun and in the snow.”

Despite the occasionally harsh garage rock sounds, many tracks focus around themes such as love and loyalty. ‘Lauren I’m in Love’ is a ditsy love song, filled to the brim with romantic, dreamy guitars. ‘O Man Won’t You Melt Me’ feels more personal, not only because it is from Murphy’s point of view, but because it tells of the real life difficulties of being in love. With an acoustic slant, the raw emotion oozes through the track, a theme that permeates the whole album.


Track List:

  1. Growing Concerns
  2. Bootcut Jimmy the G
  3. Bad Dream (Breakdown on St George S. Mount)
  4. Sit like Ravi
  5. Katy-Anne Bellis
  6. O Man, Won’t You Melt Me
  7. Statue of the Greatest Woman I Know
  8. Meet Me at the Molly Bench
  9. Lauren, I’m in Love!
  10. Frostbitten in Fen Ditton
  11. Lazers Linda
  12. Big Box of Chocolates

Words by Hayley Millross @hayleywhispers

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