Bubbling with filth and fury, The Hyena Kill have come to stamp their mark on the Southampton music scene.
Easing the crowd in with their ruthless sound clearly wasn’t an option when ‘Your Loss’, taken from their debut album Atomised, explodes into thundering guitars and earth quaking drums. Guitarist Steven Dobbs’ ability to simultaneously play guitar, sing and headbang around the stage without fear of whiplash or playing out of time deservers an award in itself. Throughout ‘Your Loss’, drummer Lorna Blundell showcases an innate skill to stop and start her murderous drumming perfectly in sync with Dobbs guitar, and emanates effortless cool.

Their set at The Notes Café is heavy with new material from their upcoming second album- as Dobbs confides, “It’s nice to play new songs in front of people you’ve never met before”. Crashing into track after track packed full of hard-hitting beats, however, the songs do begin to merge into one long repetitive riff. Ignoring the distorted screaming, the drums and guitar alone thud with a purpose that encourages a suffocating mosh pit of tangled body parts. These new tracks seem to work better vocal free at times as Dobbs lyrics cannot be clearly heard; this duo is clearly angry and passionate for a reason, and it would be nice to be able to know why.

The Hyena Kill’s deafning sound may be hard to stomach, but the amount of energy that this duo created and sustained throughout the set surely hints at bigger things to come.

Words by Charlotte Miles


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