For those of you not familiar with the Big Beat Manifesto, it clearly states: ‘big beats are the best, get high all the time’. On Peep Show, Super Hans (real name Simon, born Matt King) was never destined for true stardom, but his creed has never felt like a more all-encompassing philosophy than it does tonight – and neither has Hans seemed more like a true British icon.

Following the ending of the beloved sitcom last year, King has reprised his role as the drug-addled yet seemingly invincible musician-cum-bathroom salesman for a series of DJ sets around the UK. On one hand, he didn’t have to do much – a half-arsed set of 90s big beat with Han’s charisma would probably have left fans pleased – but King and his supporting DJs surpass all expectations on a musical level, mixing a huge variety of styles of dance music with flawless precision. He moves from “big ketty fuck-off beats” to remixes of classics from New Order, David Bowie and The Beatles seamlessly, only slowing down for an on-stage spliff break, or to fill the room with dread via a sustained keyboard note (the longer the note, the more dread) before his final track. It’s easy to forget this man is an actor – King either maintains his facade perfectly, or has simply become one with his character by this stage.

Super Hans is the rock star Britain has always needed, but clearly never quite deserved in real life. Tonight he is alive, tangible, and every bit as fantastic as anyone could have hoped for. Whether King decides to let the persona die or continue to tour remains to be seen, but ultimately every club-night should be full of Peep Show fans on pills, sweating all over each other and shouting quotes from their favourite show.

Words by Joe Gilbertson


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