Label: Razor & Tie
Released: October 21 2016

Who You Selling For is The Pretty Reckless’ third album featuring more downtempo tracks with blues elements.  Taylor Momsen’s raspy vocals and provoking lyrics are still present, however from a much sincerer perspective in comparison to their first ever single ‘Miss Nothing and the loud, raunchy Going To Hell’.

Who You Selling for kicks off withThe Walls Are Closing In/Hangman’, a steady introduction to the album combining a classic rock and blues sound, followed by the heavier, ‘Oh My God’.  From the distorted guitar riffs, up-tempo rhythm and repetition of “Wish I was” and “Oh My God” this track is no doubt a Momsen’s scream of fear about becoming a certain way. This is then almost continued in the slow, acoustic ‘Back To The River’. “No one listens to the words I say… I’m going back to the river where no one will find me,” which hints at an inner desire to escape.

In comparison to their previous albums Light Me Up and Going To Hell, there is definitely a sense of development in Momsen’s character, almost as if she has taken a step back from sex and drugs to take the time to think about which direction she wants to go in, both musically and personally.

Track List:

  1. “The Walls Are Closing In/ HangMan”
  2. “Oh My God”
  3. “Take Me Down’
  4. “Prisoner”
  5. “Wild City”
  6. “Back To The River”
  7. “Who You Selling For”
  8. “Bedroom Window”
  9. “Living In The Storm”
  10. “Already Dead”
  11. “The Devil’s Back”
  12. “Mad Love”

Words by Rosie Chalk

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