From selling out London’s O2 to Bournemouth’s BIC tonight, Bring Me The Horizon are built for stadium shows. “This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had in your f***ing lives.” shouts vocalist Oliver Sykes to a sweaty crowd where circle pits have already started to form.

img_9658-6Their stage set-up is truly awe-inspiring. Finally they have reached the level of The 1975 and Thirty Seconds To Mars in their stage set up. All thanks to their spectacular in-your-face visuals and special effects.

A screen shows the word ‘SPIRIT’ intertwined with a live cam and cuts from the band’s music videos, as the band launch into punchy opener, ‘Happy Song’. The first half of the show focuses tracks from Sempiternal, with ‘Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘House Of Wolves’. Established enough to not even mention song titles, Skyes introduces ‘Antivist’: “get your middle fingers up!” Despite the fact his voice has become worn out over the years, he still manages that signature scream.


Classic oldie, ‘Chelsea Smile’ stands out as the six-piece’s sound has shifted so far away from its origin. Alternatively, ‘Follow You’ is mellower and atmospheric and almost unrecognisable in comparison. You would be forgiven for not recognising the band on-stage, as neon lights light up the arena during the ironic anti-dance track ‘Oh No’.

Despite their obvious electronic pop influences, their performance is emotional in the most hard-hitting way possible as Sykes falls to the ground, opening up about depression before playing ‘Sleepwalking’. ‘Throne’, ‘True Friends’, and finishing song ‘Drown’, taken from That’s The Spirit, blast out whilst Sykes high-fives everyone that his anatomy can reach as confetti fills the air.

Once all the visuals and effects are stripped back, there stands a band with Sykes’s mediocre vocals, but that being said, their status and theatrical stage presence allows his voice to take a backwards step. Bring Me The Horizon have undoubtedly become headline material, progressing greatly in the past five years and potentially becoming the biggest heavy rock band in the world.



Words by Rosalyn Boder 
Photos by Isha Shah

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