Simplicity: Released 4th November 2016
Label: Rattlepop                                                                                    jaws-simplicity
Two years since their last endeavour, Jaws have returned with their latest album, Simplicity. During their time vacated from the indie scene, it seems as if the three-piece have replenished and recharged their sound with a whole new sense of maturity. Handing in their youthful, and calculated approach seen on previous record Be Slowly, it becomes a noticeable quality that Jaws have perhaps taken this album a little less seriously, throwing in a sluggish and sleazy edge, lubricating the sound with an added smoothness.

Although lead vocalist Connor Schofield proclaims how he’s “Just A Boy” in the accordingly named first track, this song is a prime example in which shows the band’s development, honing in with some harsher tones of heavily distorted guitar and stabbing drums, framing areas of the main, gentler melody.

Characteristically, Jaws have not changed in regards to their famed softness and summery tonality, with ’In The Morning’, ‘On The Sunshine’ and ‘Work It Out’ seeing their usual aptitude for dreamy surf-rock. ’17’ holds a psychedelic, tender melody, lightly cushioned by silky vocals, making a perfect fusion with the crisp drumming and pulsating rhythm.  ‘Cast’ almost mimics the soft-heartedness of a pep talk, as Schofield airily offers “talk to me about it if you like”, caressed by the floaty, clouded haze of the spacey synths and echoing guitar.

The rest of the record’s tracks all share a similar formula; a dominant lightness and fragility, with some areas of precision and heavier tones. It might not be as dynamic or assorted as their last album, but Simplicity comforts its listener, serving them with atmospheric, relaxing melodies imbedded with nostalgic notions.

Track list

1. Just A Boy
2. What We Haven’t Got Yet
3. Right In Front Of Me
4. 17
5. Cast
6. Interlude
7. On The Sunshine
8. Work It Out
9. In The Morning
10. Simplicity
11. The Invisible Sleep

Lizzie Capewell

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