melanie-c-version-of-me-2016-2480x2480Released: 21st October 2016
Label: Red Girl

The 5th release of her own Red Girl Records label see’s Mel C in full fun mode musically. After always leaning to the pop-rock end of the spectrum, Version of Me see’s Mel go fully electronic with striking results. Starting off with the rousing ‘Dear Life’, Mel weaves weighty subject manner with electronic backbeats and though not an obvious opener, its effective in it build up to give way to dreamy chorus as her distinctive voice shining through. The lyrically provoking tone carries on throughout the album on tracks ‘Something for The Fire’ and ‘Loving You Better’, with the latter incorporating soft jazz saxophones with soft electronic trip hop beats.

Fantastic lead single ‘Anymore’ is perfect simply for making a heartbreak song so happy and funky. She collaborates with Sons of Sonix on ‘Numb’, which sounds like a cross between Chainsmokers and Major Lazer, very tropical-pop. The latter half of the album slows down somewhat without losing quality. ‘Room for Love’ has the best sing-a-long chorus on the album and has a hook reminiscent of Nelly Furtado’s brilliant ‘all Good Things’. The stand out track without any doubt is ‘Escalator’ – with dub beats and 80s synths it hard to resist. It’s a testament to her artistry and intelligence that this album can stand up today amongst her contemporise that are 20 years younger than her. Across the album, Mel C shows that 20 years on she can produce material this good that has something to say.

Words by George Mcloughlin

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