Black Honey – Ghost 

When you need a soundtrack to your relationship dramas – something wrapped head to toe in distortion, and coated in vivacious lament – who you gonna call?

Black Honey will always be on the other end of the phone, and they’ll be ready with their bullish single ‘Ghost’. The jolting B-side from ‘Hello Today’ is a moody, cruising track, and a further implementation of the Brighton foursome’s riff-power.

These indie-revolutionaries have been building up the bricks of their back catalogue into a wall of noise, tantalisingly edging towards mainstream success – on record and on stage. We’ve had the singles, we’ve had the EP, how long must we wait for that all important debut album?

Rupert Taylor

Robbie Williams – Mixed Signals

Remember Robbie Williams? Offender of every annoying karoke song ever and that guy your mum loves. Well he’s back with this single that’s weirdly reminiscent of U2.

Shimmering guitar tones and raspy vocals define this song like how Donald Trump defines ignorance (#Topical). So basically this song is as forgettable as it sounds but you’ve got give ol’ Robbie props for trying to create something rousing, even if it does sound like the most middle of the road stadium rock song ever. Overall just listen to some old Take That albums instead, it’ll be a more enjoyable experience.

Joel Hernon

Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor

After the release of mega hit ‘24k Magic’, it seems pretty difficult for any artist to write a credible follow up to that chart topping tune. However, Bruno Mars isn’t any ordinary pop giant, as the latest single, ‘Versace On the Dancefloor’, doesn’t disappoint.

Containing a strong emphasis of nostalgia, the latest single combines a 90’s style of production with Mars singing his innocent soprano devotedly, to create a satisfyingly romantic love song, reminiscing the likes of Michael Jackson. Mars continues to impress with his sheer talent and diversity.

Aaron Moore

Deaf Havana – Trigger

‘Trigger’, the latest single from British alternative-rockers Deaf Havana’s upcoming album All These Countless Nights is infectiously fun and catchy while remaining as honest and real as all their albums before. With its upbeat and percussion-heavy beat combined with an easy-listening, repetitive chorus, everything about this song ensures you won’t forget it anytime soon. Deaf Havana continuously produce relatable songs that detail all aspects of growing up, making it almost impossible not to find a song with lyrics that carve themselves into your memory forever.

Catherine Owen

You Me At Six – Give

You Me At Six have really grown up over the past few years and it has really come through in their music. Going from talking about parties and kissing girls to love, loss and desperation. The lyrics of ‘Give’ tell the story of the loss of love and trying to keep someone off your mind. There is a lot of passion in this song and it creates that connection with people who are feeling the same way. Out of all the singles You Me At Six have released from their upcoming album Night People, this is the best one yet.

Jamie O’Melia

Honeyblood – Sea Hearts

With a two year gap in between their self-titled debut and new album Babes Never Die, Honeyblood are back in full swing with ‘Sea Hearts’ and as the album title suggests these two indie rockers are back with a vengeance.

The single encapsulates how Honeyblood became the queens of the Glaswegian scene, the gritty grungy guitar opening, then BAM! The playful lyrics of Stina Tweeddale seem to roll off the tongue and get stuck in your head for later enjoyment. This is a satisfying bridge from their debut, as there are hints of the gritty grungy indie rock but it has evolved into something bigger and better.

Matt Smith

The Japanese House – Good Side In

Minimal electronic mastermind The Japanese House (real name Amber Bain) is back with another offering of lush melodies and glitchy electronic sounds with her new single, ‘Good Side in’. After releasing two EPs last year which displayed the London artist’s penchant for silky smooth multi-layered vocals and sparse instrumentation, this song is a continuation of these sounds rather than a change of direction.

From the glittery acoustic guitar riff opening up the song to the more beat-heavy and intricately-layered chorus, ‘Good Side in’ doesn’t exactly set the world alight – rather it serves as another solid addition to Bain’s ever-expanding repertoire.

Lewis Edwards

Code Orange – Forever

A real Halloween treat comes from Code Orange’s latest creation, a single that is crafted with the devils curse itself. Matched with a blood spattering video that is literally a visual representation of the track it’s self, all screeches and drum beats are emphasised.
If you think you’ve seen their peak yet, their latest track reassures you that this Pittsburgh piece still have a lot to offer with spine tingling breakdowns and earth shattering howls that are nasty in the best possible way, Code Orange have unleashed one hell of a demon.

Isha Shah



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