Stray From The Path – The House Always Wins

New York metalcore/hardcore outfit Stray From The Path’s ‘The House Always Wins’ is an anti-establishment song about the petrifying state America has been in during the build up and aftermath of the presidential election. This track puts into perspective that this election is a lose lose situation regardless of the outcome, we’re all controlled by big business, money hungry pigs and the time to make your voices heard is now.

The emotions in this track are that of pure anger and revolt. With the outcome of this election the lyrics resonate even more now than before. These malicious lyrics combined with SFTP’s intense riffs and breakdowns make it a cracker of a political protest song.

Words by Sam Taylor @thatsth3spirit

Modern Baseball – Bart to the Future Pt. 2: The Musical

Modern Baseball are another band to join in with the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign against Trump becoming President of the United States. In an interview about the song MOBO said “We knew that looking at a him as a peer, rather than this untouchable figure, that we could judge him like any other greedy, racist, sexist, unqualified person you meet in everyday life.” Modern Baseball really went for Trump in this song and you can really feel their anger through their lyrics, “A rich man, blood on his hands, no stain”. For a quite upbeat song their anger will flow for the next four years.

Words by Jamie O’Melia

Run The Jewels-2100 feat. BOOTS

Over the past year you’ve probably heard someone saying that if Trump won we’d “at least get some good punk rock records”. While this sentiment feels rather white, dated and out of touch, a newly invigorated Run The Jewels is definitely needed.

With less wordplay, jokes, or infectious hooks, this track feels like a moment of reflection on the struggles of the next four years. While it’s more low-key tone doesn’t make it an obvious single from RTJ3, if the duo can translate this feeling into the bangers they’re known for their next record could be one of the defining releases of the Trump administration.


Joe Gilbertson @beekeepxr

Isis – In Fiction

Back in 2004 – when claiming, “I love Isis” in public wouldn’t get you lynched – seminal post-metal band Isis released their magnum opus, Panopticon. ‘In Fiction’, with its Orwellian-inspired lyrics and monolithic climaxes, serves as the album’s best song, and one that’s still every bit as relevant and audacious today as it was twelve years ago.

The song gradually builds from sparse, foreboding guitar notes which echo as if gliding through a ghastly landscape. As the song progresses, more and more layers of distorted guitars and enchanting basslines are added until the song reaches what is perhaps the best crescendo in metal music.


Words by Lewis Edwards

Beans on Toast- ‘The American Dollar’

Jay McAllister also know as Beans on Toast is notorious amongst the Xtra Mile Records family for writing songs about politics and his views.

‘The American Dollar’ from his 2013 fifth studio album Giving Everything which focuses on the United States, tackling conspiracy theories, the corruption of government and the war in the Middle East. McAllister sings “I know these are wild accusations but there’s so much greed, so much corruption… It’s all about the American dollar.”

The reaction to Donald Trump winning the election has resulted in people speaking out against the result, almost like out echoes of these lyrics.

Words by Matt Smith @matthewjamessmi

Beyoncé – Formation

“Bitch I’m back.” In just three words Queen B has got us talking again. An instant attention grabber, it’s not so hard to see why this song in particular caused a hell of a storm in the media.

Slaying her way through historical events and eras, Beyoncé dedicates each scene to celebrate #BlackLivesMatters. In the simplest of form, the track was built on a politically charged voice, exploring this through impacting visuals that will leave you speechless.
Every single line from “I got a hot sauce in my bag” to “Okay, ladies now let’s get in formation” is pure gold.

Words by Isha Shah @ishaphotos

Letlive.- Good Mourning, America

Letlive. are by no means strangers to making a statement. Born from experience, Good Mourning, America is a frustration-fuelled, passion-spat track that addresses the issue of police brutality – delve a little deeper and it seems to touch on most issues prevalent in today’s society. With gunshots preceeding panicked screams and powerful gospel vocals, the listener is flung straight into the center of the action, with frontman Jason Butler lunging straight for the proverbial jugular – “we ain’t so different now are we, said the cop to the killer inside of me” – proving once again that, despite all this time, Letlive. still bare a confounded sense of social justice.

Words by Daisy Hearn

Miley Cyrus- party in the USA

Although this track is not built on a political statement, it celebrates the idiocy of the US. Ironically enough, the results of the election have caused anything but a party, so unfortunately for Miley, there will be no hands up for the next four years.

Without a doubt, this song is an infectious partygoer, filled with some key name drops for passive audiences, but most importantly it fails to consider the consequences of the results.  Instead it’s carefree attitude to promotes celebrating the US no matter what idiotic decisions they make, summing up in whole the current state of the US, “They’re playing my song, you know I’m gonna be ok,” Ok for you Miley.

Words by Isha Shah  @ishaphotos

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