It’s the last day of tour for Brighton grungers Tigercub. Tonight, the band air their alluring debut record Abstract Figures In The Dark to another set of fresh faces at Southampton’s Joiners.IMG_1286-7.jpgWith two support acts that don’t quite live up to the headliners hype, Tigercub make a grand entrance without saying a single word. The night may have started off with a few bloody heads and bruised arms, but the awakening noise of the trio’s music starts a pit that seems to last all night. Viewing this chaos live, it’s hard to believe that just eight days ago the band released this monstrous record, young teenagers shouting along to each and every word whilst throwing their bodies around.

Not one for talking, the three-piece power through a solid set of tracks from ‘Destroy’ to ‘Centrefold’. There is no time for talk with these guys, the absence of words made up for through the groups undeniably powerful stage presence.

IMG_1443-24.jpg‘Omen’, ‘Control’ and ‘Memory Boy’ are three of the bands recent achievements, the crowd responding with a cheer every time the tracks were introduced. On record these three songs stand out from the rest, but there’s something even more spectacular about hearing them live. Tigercub are a band made for mental shows – whether they’re sold out or not, their raw grittiness will stick with you until the next morning.

Usually once a show is finished, there’s an incentive to want more, but a Tigercub show fills all these yearning needs, delivering exactly the right amount of mechanically heavy riffs, spellbinding vocals and complex breakdowns, allowing the audience to just let their hair down and have fun.

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Words and photos by Isha Shah @ishaphotos

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