Electricity jumps from person to person as the crowd waits for Boston Manor to storm the stage at their first ever sold out show at the Joiners, Southampton. The lights go down but the bulbs hanging over the stage are still lit, looking like a scene from Stranger Things. ‘Burn You Up’, the first song off the new album Be Nothing, warms up the crowd as some move while others just sing along. But as the opening lines of ‘Lead Feet’ start playing, the whole room moves from side to side. Mosh pits form, people climb onto shoulders and surf their way to the mic, screaming the words at vocalist Henry Cox. They slow down their set a little with ‘Broken Glass’ and the room is just one big chant, with the whole crowd waving their hands in the air.

Boston Manor go into EP territory starting off with ‘Shade’, from their 2015 EP Saudade, then go straight into ‘Gone’, which makes the crowd go wild with excitement. Nothing is going to stop the Blackpool quintet from destroying the room with just their music and their hyperactive audience. Also playing the title track from their first EP Driftwood, they create nothing but furious moshing and fans scrabbling to the stage to dive. You can see the passion and love for every moment on every member of Boston Manor’s faces.

Though the night comes to a close early due to an event being on after the show, the band leave the stage smiling and in awe of what just happened- an amazing and powerful set for such a small and new band, who have taken over the pop punk and emo scenes with such force and exploded so quickly.

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Words by Jamie O’Melia  

Photos by Isha Shah @ishaphotos

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