Zara Larsson – I Would Like

Zara Larsson is back with her ever-developing pop/dance style, with her new single ‘I would like.’ The Swedish sensation no longer needs to rely on featuring artists to get her name in the charts. This song is a real indication that the only way Larsson is going is up, debuting straight into the top 50 within three days of release. This song has future club anthem written all over with its relatable lyrics and upbeat rhythm. Anticipation levels will hit a new high with the release of this single, and with the album set to be released next year, fans will just have to leave this track on repeat until then.


Words by Harvey Baldwin


John Mayer – Love On The Weekend

After a three year hiatus, John Mayer is back, returning with a pop-rock single with that slight hint of blues that he will never be able to let go. He talks about a passionate relationship with lyrics such as “I hate your guts ’cause I’m loving every minute of it.” Although some people have mixed opinions about the acoustic feel of the track, it does slowly ease his music back into our ears, and with a future album on the way that goes back to his blues roots, it’s hard not to be excited.


Words by Josh Abraham


While She Sleeps – Hurricane

Sheffield’s While She Sleeps have turned a new page of their career, after making the bold decision of independently producing their soon to be released album “You Are We,”funded by PledgeMusic. ‘Hurricane’, the teaser single from the record is pleasant enough, however is made up entirely of a predictable recipe of sickly, pretentious lyrics, a tawdry melody and an annoying hyper, over-emotional type of attitude which really should just be left to the likes of Of Mice and Men. With “let’s change the world”-esque lyrics which hold the obvious intention to induce many clenched, angry fists, this track will unfortunately not change the world, or your life, for that matter.


Words by Lizzie Capewell


Xiu Xiu – Wondering

Less than a year on since the release of their dark, tense and masterful cover album of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Xiu Xiu have returned with a far more pop-oriented single from their upcoming album FORGET. The pulsating synth lines propel Jamie Stewart’s dramatic vocal style perfectly – there are recognisable elements of noise pop and experimental sounds here, but really it’s all about the wonderful chorus hook. It’s a rapid change of pace – although certainly not an unexpected one considering the variety in the band’s discography. The music of Twin Peaks brought Xiu Xiu a lot of new attention – and FORGET looks set to capitalise on it marvellously.

Words by Joe Gilbertson


Pup – Sleep in the Heat

Pup are back at it again with their latest tear-jerking music video for the single ‘Sleep in the Heat’, Finn Wolfhard once again reprising his role from ‘Guilt Trip’ as a younger version of lead vocalist, Stefan Babcock. Musically, the video sums up who Pup are as a band, raw vocals combined with fast paced indie-punk, shouting in your face to notice its presence. No doubt this will be a crowd pleaser for years to come.


Words by Charlie Hill


Childish Gambino – Red Bone

Donald Glover – aka Childish Gambino – has already had a string of successes this year, with his hit show Atlanta, landing a role in the new Star Wars blockbuster, not to mention the long awaited upcoming album, “Awaken My Love” released December 2nd . Following the release of “Me and Your Mama” last week, soulful new track, “Redbone” steers heavily away from his former rapper persona to show a slicker and funkier side to his character. It opens up with smooth beats that make you want to groove in a 70s disco before Gambino’s manipulated and sultry Prince-esque vocals kick in captivating his listeners from the off. 2016 could be the year that Childish Gambino realises his potential, not just as a rapper, but as an artist. This could be his classic.


Words by Chloe Gorman 


Landscapes – Escapist

Landscapes have recently dropped their latest album Modern Earth and one of the main singles‘Escapist’ has shown that Landscapes are one hell of a stand out band from the usual melodic hardcore scene. Landscapes have shown not only growth but refinement with this track. Breaking away from their usual sound and showing some exciting experimentation; this track combines intensity, darkness and almost an element of the macabre with a gradual build up exploding into one final blow out of a chorus that is potentially too dramatic considering the rest of the nature of the track.


Words by Sam Taylor


Sia – Never Give Up

Sia’s long and prosperous career has seen her produce an array of diverse, pop-infused singles, the latest of which, ‘Never Give Up’, is far from disappointing. ‘Never Give Up’ combines traditional pop values with major influences coming from bollywood music – with dynamic, middle eastern instrumentation, rhythms and scales. Although the song intentionally tries it’s best to remain commercialised, with a catchy melody, memorable chorus and of course, Sia’s standout vocal performance. Overall, ‘Never Give Up’ is a prime example of Sia’s musical talents, as well her ability to experiment with different musical genres and styles.


Words by Aaron Moore


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