Tonight is one of the first times Scottish duo Honeyblood have ventured to Southampton, but with two albums and a host of singles to their name, they’re far from unknown in the South Coast.

This evening’s show is sold out, and at The Joiners that means some solitary middle-aged men in boot-cut jeans, and lots of giddy sixth-formers, ecstatic to have smuggled their hip flasks past the disinterested bouncer.

As it happens, it’s the latter group of fans that guitarist and vocalist Stina Tweeddale seems most intent on pleasing, and after an energetic rendition of new single ‘Ready For the Magic’, she celebrates one girl’s drunken dancing by inviting the rest of the crowd to join her at the front.

Many do, and the next few songs soundtrack a raucous mosh pit that really works to separate the students in the audience from those that are dressed like Jeremy Clarkson. New tracks like ‘Justine, Misery Queen’ and ‘Hey, Stellar’ go down well, and older ones like ‘Choker’ are played with such aplomb that it’s sometimes hard to believe there are only two people performing.

As the set draws to an end, Tweeddale explains to the audience that the duo will not be walking off the stage only to stroll back on a few seconds later, and that instead they will be playing their final song straight away. Drummer Cat Myers also initiates a dance competition to decide who will win the drumsticks she’s broken during the course of the evening, much to the delight of the girl who’s drunken moves had kicked off the night.

As ‘Killer Bangs’ comes to an end, and winners are decided, the duo are met with suitable screaming and applause, which will hopefully ensure that their first trip to Southampton is not their last.


Words by George Wilde

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