On entry here tonight things get off to a slow start, with songs that don’t particularly make you want to jump up and skank. The crowd seem exhausted from opening acts Dimension and Frisco, and are clearly split down the middle in terms of old and new fans, so much so that even the MC (Rage) states that “‘flashing lights’ goes out to my original Chase & Status crew.”

The crowd resemble that of a festival, at first- people who aren’t there for the music but rather for the drugs, and annoying fans who ruin the music with their persistent “whoop there it is” chants. Thankfully the atmosphere soon switches when Tempa T comes out performing ‘Hypest hype.’ Mosh pits begin to form for the first time and it starts to feel like the drum and bass community/culture is in full flourish, with fans of old and new joining in cohesion to bop to one of the duo’s more emotional songs ‘Alive.’

Ahead of their fourth album, the duo seem to have ventured away from Drum ‘n’ Bass, and on recent singles and EP’s have explored deeper into other genres, such as Grime. This gig, however, proves to be a refreshing indication that the producers have gone back to their roots with new tracks such as ‘Tribes’, reminiscent of old school fan favourites like ‘No Problem.’


Words by Harvey Baldwin

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