Home Town: Liss, Liphook
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/blaenavon

For Fans Of: Peace, Mystery Jets, The Cure.

The Details:
Blaenavon are a 3-piece from Liphook and Liss who are starting to make their abnormally-shaped mark. They have also caught the attention of the likes of Mystery Jets, Two Door Cinema Club and Sundara Karma, resulting in them joining Sundara Karma on tour early next year.

After releasing a new track, accompanied by ANOTHER promise of an album “soon” to be on its way- it truly is unfair for them to be keeping fans waiting so long for this delicious concoction. Their lashings of Goth mixed with indie tunes really helps Blaenavon stand out from other indie bands; plus, their sub-conscious hallmark gives them a unique sound that would be hard to replicate by any other band, especially a trio.

The heavy-throbbing vocals from singer, Ben Gregory, have sunken into the depths mapped out by the manifesto of corpse-inspired, comedown riffs. Their hypnotic, ghost-indie is wearing a pretty, outer-shell disguising their overall impression and projecting an attractive exterior. Plus, Blaenavon’s gentle vibes are masked by a grunge stench of burning talent and youth.

Despite inevitable comparisons to The Cure and Joy Division, mainly due to the depressed sounding vocals over a light-hearted yet still emotionally draining chord combination, Blaenavon really have put out a new sound throughout the songs they have released. Their emotionally charged tracks rub lightly against each other and glide clumsily from start to end. With a few of their songs having more of an angsty-approach, arguably sounding frustration-driven, they maintain their balance within the rest of their tracks reviving that fluffy, salivated indie backbone.

Coming from, Liss and Liphook, two areas with no major legendary reputation, it has become apparent that Blaenavon could be putting that tradition to one side. They may be lacking in terms of location odds being stacked against them, however their flawless talent and ability to create emotion-inducing, stoner tracks are going to assist in them grabbing their well-deserved success. By already seizing the attention of big name bands, playing shows round the country and selling out the Electric Ballroom.

Jasmine Hodge

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