Farro takes to the dimly-lit stage with stars projected on the backdrop in front of a half-filled room – a stark contrast to playing arenas and headlining festivals across the world. The band open the set with single ‘On the Wire’, managing to engage and grab people’s attention with tonnes of energy. 

The songs that follow tend to blend into each other- out of the entire set, only a couple stand out. ‘Colour Rush’, another single from their debut album Walkways, is weak and unmemorable; a generic, happy-go-lucky pop rock song

During the first half of the set, the band experience a few technical difficulties but manage to stay professional and keep the concert going. They perform two covers, one of Fleet Foxes‘ ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and Coldplay’s ‘Charlie Brown’. 

Two members of the band join Farro for acoustic track ‘Home’, accompanying him with harmonising a Capella backing vocals. ‘Lose You’ is a heart-warming ode to his brother Zac and the feeling of drifting apart from someone. Both songs captivate the whole crowd and the lyrics echo through everybody.

Although his vocal performance is weak in areas and some of the songs are unmemorable, Farro proves he can make it without Paramore.

Rating – 5.5/10

Words By Éimer Harper

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