It was only 2 years ago that Beartooth took to this stage to support Of Mice & Men- tonight, the metalcore five-piece are returning to headline.

2016-125-copy-sPop punkers Trash Boat seem an unlikely addition to the lineup of bands tonight, but the quintet are determined to show they fit alongside the other two bands. With gusto and catchy hooks, Trash Boat put on what you’d expect from a new-wave pop punk band, however the songs they produce would be hard to distinguish from other genre acts like Neck Deep.

Vanna are up next, and within minutes of entering the stage, the band have the crowd under their control. Vocalist Danny Muise is full of energy, jumping from one end of the stage to the other, and with sounds similar to the likes of Stray From The Path and Every Time I Die, there’s no doubt that Vanna have won the hearts of the audience tonight.

2016-326-copy-sFinally, all the lights in the Engine Rooms flicker out as a roar erupts from the crowd. Vocalist Caleb Shomo emerges from the dark and immediately dives headfirst into first track ‘Burnout’. Beartooth’s mix of heavy breakdowns in songs like ‘Beaten In Lips’ and ‘Always Dead’ blend perfectly with their poppier offerings. One moment the audience are waving their hands in unison singing along to every word, the next circle and mosh pits erupt. In terms of the material they play, it is impossible to distinguish between their 2 albums- all of the new songs released earlier this year on Aggressive fit alongside their debut tracks without breaking a sweat.

Although the set is over an hour long, the time slips away like nothing. Beartooth are quickly rising stars in the metalcore scene, and tonight affirms their upward ascent towards the ranks of heavy hitters.


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Words by Charlie Hill
Photos by Daisy Hearn

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