Following the fluorescent absurdity and vibrant nature of support band Vodun, seemingly perhaps a little out of place for a night of sleazy psychedelic doom, Cambridge group Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats take the ramped-up audience into their own hands with the stonery spectacle of introductory track ‘Mt. Abraxas’.
With masked faces under eerie low lighting, the band churn out sluggish bluesy tracks to an audience who reciprocate in unison with appreciative head nods and mindless swaying.
Throughout the evening, early Sabbath comes to mind- not just through the band’s moustached, lanky hair and not-washed-for-a-week style combo, but through their bluesy and high energy tracks, which are delivered with control and precision. Highlights include the racing ‘Mind Crawler’, and the 80’s glam rock-riffing of ’13 Candles’.
Lead vocalist Kevin Starrs aids the doomish, psychedelic mixture with vocals reminiscent of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, dusted with twangs of Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, but still of an entirely unique sound. Starrs has the audience firmly bound under his spell as he leaps and dives across the stage, particularly evident during the shooting pulls of the guitar solo in ‘Death’s Door’.
‘Slow death’ reigns the night in- a track well over five minutes, with countless mind-numbing guitar solos and a steady beat, showing how Uncle Acid can captivate crowds for even lengthy amounts of time. After the hypnotic encore of ‘Memory Lane’, the band finish on ‘Withered Hand of Evil’, and the spell is broken.

Although Uncle Acid present themselves in a way that is perhaps seen as strange and mysterious, it is no mystery that this band are alongside the greats within the stoner metal game.

Words by Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch

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