Hometown: Leeds
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/clayofficial

For Fans Of: The Amazons, Spring King and Jaws.

The details:
Formed in October 2014, Clay is a promising quartet consisting of Joe Harvey (Lead Vocals, Guitar), his brother Jack Harvey (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Danny Armitage (Drums) and Rob Gration (Vocals, Guitar, Keys). This upcoming band deliver funk-fuelled bass and mouth-watering electronica that are made to be blasted at the highest volume.

With its muscular melodies and cinematic synths, musically, Clays latest single ‘6am’ is more defined than their previous material which shows that they are experimenting and progressing with their sound. Lyrically, it is a tad ambiguous with lines such as, “We don’t need a future, I don’t want to know” to then talking about relationship troubles, “I’ve been wasting all my love on you”. However, it seems as though ‘6am’ is all about the cloudy and conflicting emotions you feel when drunk in the early hours of the morning. And with its throbbing pulse alongside Harvey’s electronic-like vocals the lyrics in the chorus become so infectious that it doesn’t really matter what they mean. Just like the music video, ‘6am’ isn’t just suited to a noisy nightclub but one to absorb through your headphones on a sulky, drunk walk home.

While ‘6am’ is made for being moody, ‘Sundance’ is the perfect soundtrack to summer festivals. With a mix of languid melodies and hushed vocals, this track is so relaxed its practically horizontal. ‘Sundance’ is a dreamy get-away track that takes listeners to somewhere hot and exotic.

With influences ranging from indie bands like Blossoms, Jungle and The 1975 to then Britpop bands such as Blur, The Charlatans and Primal Scream, Clays sound is difficult to pin down. However, this is the excitement and beauty of the band as their sound is clearly thought-provoking and unique enough to not fit into music’s defined pigeon holes. This is supported by the band who said in a recent interview, “We pride our sound on being unique and try not to be like many others. It’s difficult to put a name on our music. So we wouldn’t be able to pick a genre. If we had to pick one, we’d say Indie with RnB and Hip Hop influences, lots of guitar band comparisons.” The complexity of their distinctive sound is highlighted by ‘Why?’ and ‘Honest’ as they are more poppy than their other tracks with a similar sounding to Haim.

The music scene is already bursting to the brim with Catfishes and Cabbages, therefore Clay will need to keep the momentum going if they want to hit the big time. With some time to mature and define their sound, Clay is clearly a band that will go far. Having performed at Reading and Leeds Festival, Dot to Dot and Kendal Calling, Clay are gradually building themselves a solid fan base and getting their music noticed. Already catching the attention of Declan McKenna, they are about to set off supporting him on his UK Tour at the end of this month. They have also just announced two of their biggest shows to date, at the Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach on 18th May and Manchester Gorilla on 20th May. And by the looks of the carnage and chaos they produce at their intimate gigs through their live streams on Facebook, it is worth checking them out.

Charlotte Miles

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