Released: 27 January
Label: SO Recordings

Norfolk alternative rock quintet Deaf Havana have had a bumpy journey since forming in 2005. Having overcome personal battles and almost gone their separate ways, All These Countless Nights is the turning point and revival of a band that could have easily crumbled under the pressure.
Treating the album as a fresh start, lead vocalist James Veck-Gilodi explores his past and ushers in a new version of himself after fighting for years with addiction. The record exudes excruciating honesty through its lyrics and emotion-fuelled instrumentation. On ‘Like A Ghost’, an echoing guitar solo and aggressive percussion are stitched between pained vocals (“This living is killing me//I’m not who I used to be”), feeling like an escape for everything the band have been through.
Diverting from the sound of 2013’s Old Souls, Deaf Havana intertwine their old vibe with a completely new mindset, making it clear that the band have taken this opportunity to completely re-vamp themselves. With Veck-Gilodi coming back from his solo projects and with his problems under control, it’s refreshing to hear how much the band care, filling every single note with so much emotion that you begin to miss people you’ve never even met. Undoubtedly, this album homes some of the most truthful tracks the band have ever produced.
Strikingly genuine lyrics and high quality production are two things it was feared would not return to Deaf Havana after the release of Old Souls, and yet the personal indulgence in emotion throughout the whole album makes every single track beautiful in its own right. Incorporating Fools and Worthless Liars-esque acoustic guitar and combining it with powerful sonics, the contrasting yet beautifully flowing sounds work together here to produce what could be one of the best albums of 2017.

Track List:
Ashes, Ashes





Like A Ghost

Pretty Low



St Paul’s


Pensacola, 2013

Words by Phoebe Randall


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