Released: 3/02/2017
Label: Rise Records

Having played through the realms of in-your-face hardcore into straight up pop songs, there’s little ground punk troubadour Dave Hause hasn’t got covered. Previously a member of Paint It Black and The Loved Ones, and currently one quarter of punk supergroup The Falcon he returns with Bury Me in Philly, his third solo effort.

As the follow up to 2013’s Devour, this release sees Hause add a little more fuel to the fire, with an overwhelming sense of passion and power echoing from each soulful note. Piano-driven opener With You demands attention from the off-set, with its endlessly compelling guitar lines and punchy vocals starting off proceedings as they mean to go on.

Hause has always maintained a knack for songwriting that sets him well apart from others in his scene, drawing from a wide range of influences from Bruce Springsteen to The Hold Steady. Lyrically the album is a cut above the rest of its folk-punk counterparts, with Divine Lorraine acting as an anthemic heartfelt ode to Hause’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Bury Me In Philly builds on the successful aspects of his previous two solo records, adding new aspects to his sound and never breaking its streak of impressive tracks. The Flinch and My Mistake are where the Springsteen influence shines through, blending Hause’s punk roots with more modern Americana tones.

Harmonica-led Helluva Home provides a clear album highlight, whilst the Donald Trump-dedicated Dirty Fucker allows Hause’s political angst to shine through. A clear sense of determination can be felt throughout, with each captivating and arrestive track coming as further proof of Hause’s importance.

Bury Me In Philly is more diverse than previous offerings, providing tracks reminiscent of his former solo work and others hinting at more of his past in The Loved Ones. Hause radiates talent, whether it be in heart-wrenching acoustic tracks, straight up punk-rock or the “yacht punk” of The All Brights, there’s seemingly nothing he cant do. It’s as close to perfect as gritty acoustic punk can get.


Words by Maddy Howell

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