Hometown: Manchester
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/falseadv

For Fans of: Menace Beach, PINS and The Big Moon

The Details:
With a name they say declares, “attitude and a dash of cynicism”, False Advertising is an unsigned trio consisting of Jen Hingley (Vocals, guitar and drums), Chris Warr (Vocals, guitar) and Josh Sellers (Bass). Their Facebook bio promises “Fuzz-pop jams for your life” but this upcoming band deliver so much more from grunge-tinged jams shown in ‘Scars’ to hazy staccato rock in ‘Breaker’.

In April last year False Advertising released the EP Brainless which featured five tracks bubbling with angry spirit and ear-bursting enthusiasm. Recorded in Hingley’s dads garage, they embrace the DIY ethic to the bone with their music videos recorded on selfie sticks. They revealed that the EP was recorded at a “tumultuous period” for the band which is shown through the themes of crumbling relationships in ‘You’re Too Slow’, desperation and anxiety in ‘Alopecia’ to frustration and boredom in ‘Sigh’.

Following on from Brainless, False Advertising released the singles ‘Give It Your Worst’ and ‘Scars’ through Too Pure Singles Club which is a London label who have worked with successful artists from Pulled Apart by Horses to Tigercub. In ‘Give It Your Worst’ the ratio of Warr’s sedated almost menacing male vocals to Hingley’s strong and sharp harmonies adds crunch and texture that beefs up the consistent rumbling drums. Even though the lyrics conjure up feelings of regret and anxiety, the distorted guitar and hypnotic vocals causes the track to have an uplifting confidence about it.

From the scalpel-edged guitars to the red-hot drums, False Advertising clearly uses music to vent their frustration which is most prominently seen in ‘Scars’. Hingley is vocal with her past with lyrics such as “Dare you try to dictate how my mind contemplates” and “Don’t pay attention to yourself”.

Aside from there name, False Advertising definitely don’t produce vague or ambiguous music. It is clear that they want to be loud, chaotic and rock their listeners into action. Currently, they are playing a handful of shows around the UK but will be heading to Texas in March to play at SXSW Festival and have landed a spot at the Minifestival de Musica Independent Festival in Barcelona.

Words by Charlotte Miles

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