87489_themenzingers-png-540x540_q90_cropReleased: 3/2/17

Label: Epitaph Records

Three years on since their last album, Rented World and the Pennsylvania punks, The Menzingers are back with their fifth album, After the Party.

The Menzingers are no longer the newcomers to the scene when they emerged back in 2006, and After the Party illustrates just that. Opening with track, ‘Tellin’ Lies’, vocalist Greg Barnett cries out “Where are we gonna go now our twenties are over?!” After the Party tells the story of becoming 30 and seeing your friends, family and acquaintances moving away into careers and relationships that will last the rest of their lives. Barnett says “We spent our 20s living in a rowdy kind of way, and now we’re at a point where it seems like everyone in our lives is moving in different directionsThis theme of hitting your 30s is paralleled throughout the album as the band reflect on their lives and how far they’ve come so far. Whether it’s looking back on their previous love lives in ‘Lookers’ or touring in their 20s in ‘Midwestern States’, these relatable themes combined with meticulous lyrics add together to create a layer of depth that only few bands can truly accomplish.

Sonically, The Menzingers recapture the bite and rawness that was more prominent on albums previous to Rented World, at the same time keeping the poppy hooks animated and sing alongs-aplenty. After The Party is the collection of 4 albums of prior experience as a band and collective, and elevates the punk quartet higher than they’ve ever been before. This is quite possibly the pinnacle of the band’s career so far.


Words by Charlie Hill

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