Stormzy -‘ ‘Big For Your Boots’

Stormzy back at it again. Hitting us with a throwback to the original Stormzy sound. ‘Big for your boots’ is a feel a good tune, one of those anthems you can save with your mandem, for when you’re throwing shade. Reminding us fans why we support Merky in his growth. No wasteman tings.


Words by Stephanie Ospina @ospinamfj

London Grammar – ‘Big Picture’

It feels like an age since London Grammar’s debut LP washed up on our shores, and the three years succeeding 2013’s If You Wait have been fairly quiet for the Nottingham trio. After the release of ‘Rooting for You’ on New Year’s Day flaunted the band’s live performance, ‘Big Picture’ rewards fans with their first studio single of 2017.

The track gradually builds from delicate piano keys and a dormant guitar riff, each layer of music slowly swelling until the song reaches its reverberated, sweeping climax. Hannah Reid’s vocals remain the highlight of London Grammar’s music, her falsetto notes towards the end of the song resonating perfectly with the lush layers of instrumentation.


Words by Lewis Edwards @lewisjedwards97

All Them Witches – ‘Alabaster’

Taken from their soon-to-be released album ‘Sleeping Through the War’, Nashville’s heavy psych rockers, All Them Witches have teased the track ‘Alabaster’.

This new tune oozes psychedelia from start to finish, delivering peculiar, swirling guitars, a sensual beat framed by tribal drums, and lazy vocals. Trance-inducing and hypnotic, ‘Alabaster’ is a track in which eradicates time; you won’t realise a whole seven minutes has passed once it has ended.

Fading in and out from spooky, delicate sections, the track loops and flourishes, eventually landing into a forceful outro, calling to mind the heavier works of Ty Segall.

Words by Lizzie  @s4diowitch
Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – ‘Scared To Be Lonely ‘

Dua Lipa is set to have a breakout year in 2017 and she is going the right way about it by collaborating with one of the most popular electronic artists out there (Martin Garrix).

‘Scared to be lonely’ offers an insight into generic topics such as heartbreak and solitude, with the lyrics “Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight ’cause we’re scared to be lonely?” materialising before the track dives into a state of tranquillity supplied by Garrix’s soothing drop.


Words by Harvey Baldwin @HarvBald


Superfood – ‘Double Dutch’

 It’s funny the difference 3 years can make; in 2014 Superfood released their fun filled indie pop debut album ‘Don’t Say That’ and the B Town scene star was shining bright.

Now in 2017 the star has faded and Superfood have halved in numbers. Now a two piece, Dom Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm, have released their idea of alt pop heaven. Their new track ‘ Double Dutch’ mixes Avalanches esque beats and sampling with dream-like vocals from Ganderton; the result is an immersive alt pop classic. A new direction for Superfood is definitely a welcomed one.


 Words by Callum McCormack @mccormackcallum

Mastodon-  ‘Show Yourself’
Mastodon, heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, have issued yet another taster from their new album ‘Emperor of Sand’, available March 31st.
When one thinks of Mastodon, one thinks of huge riffs, triumphant melodies and monstrously technical instrumentation. However, ‘Show Yourself’ sees the band scrapping these qualities, resulting in a song which barely even scratches the surface in terms of memorability.
With a basic alt rock-esque guitar sound, repetitive vocals and with barely any instrumentation to note (aside from the breakdown), the track is  empty, bland, and leaves you feeling a little deflated. Let’s hope the rest of the record isn’t this boring.
Words by Lizzie  @s4diowitch

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