Hometown: Paris, France.
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/adamnaas

For fans of: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Samm Henshaw, Alex Care.

The details:
After discovering at a young age that music and singing were something he needed in his life, Adam Naas started releasing music different to your everyday disposable tunes. It truly is something unique.  His voice is something you wouldn’t hear on any radio station at the moment and that is why this young Frenchman is climbing the ladder.

Last year the singer released his debut E.P and it did not disappoint. Tracks such as ‘Fading Away’ and ‘Downtown’ were able to captivate fans in a way they did not expect.  These two tracks were also the songs that have helped the singer breakthrough, and surpass one million plays on Spotify for ‘Fading Away’.

Growing up the singer wanted to be a Biologist and found music in a way that allowed him to express himself better than nature could have.  Currently working on finding a place to record his album, Naas has explained that he would prefer to record in France, but the idea of moving to LA and recording the music he loves would be an exceptional experience. He also expresses his musical talent by writing all his songs in French and then singing in English. This he says gives his voice more of a chance to be heard.

Right now there is nothing like Naas out there, he is unique in his own way and although he has a large following, he does deserve to have more attention and more to his name.  Admittedly with a million views on Youtube for the track ‘Fading Away’ it’s clear this is an artist to look out for.  But not just for that, it’s more for his husky voice that can be turned into a very high pitched tone in an instant as well as the fact he is currently working on a new album that promises to be excellent.  Naas has a distinctive way of looking at the world, however, his ideology of when in doubt, read Harry Potter, is something that assures his following that his music might change, but he will not.

Words by Josh Abraham

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