Liverpudlian boys Circa Waves seemed to have been wavering in and out of the indie-rock scene for the past few years. After their first major hit ‘T-Shirt Weather’from debut album Young Chasers hit the charts in summer of 2014, it looked as though they disappeared for a bit. When they announced a show at The 1865, we had to go and see what all the fuss was about, and we were not disappointed..

Support from indie-rock/synth-pop band The Fin, who most definitely take influence from Tame Impala, had the venue full of chilled vibes. Once they’d stormed the stage, the wait was on. After a short delay, Circa Waves casually walked out and dived straight into their first song, ‘Wake Up’. It didn’t take long before a huge mosh pit was formed in the centre of the crowd, what with the intro to the song being very guitar-heavy.

The band are said to take heavy influence from The Strokes, however this didn’t really translate live- their punky, poppy sound is definitely their own. A song performed towards the end of their set, ‘Stuck in My Teeth’ seemed to give off the impression that their sound is similar to that of The Vaccines, but didn’t show any resemblance to the former.

Of course, they finished the show with ‘T-Shirt Weather’, which sent everyone into frenzy. If people weren’t jumping about before this, then they definitely were as soon as the first chord was struck. This is their biggest hit to date, so everyone in the room knew every word, and ensured the night ended just as mad as it had started.


Words by Elisha Cloughton

Cover photo by: Gingerdope Photograpy

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