170210-sir-her-too-art-800x600As 2017 starts to take shape, improving upon the tremendous year of hip-hop and RnB that was 2016 is going to be a difficult ask.

TDE’s latest signee SiR along with an array of gifted contributors delivers his sensual follow up to 2016’s Her –Her Too.

The California-bred crooner stylishly blends smooth-early 2000s RnB with lazy west coast hip-hop beats through this impressive EP. Opening track ‘New L.A’ features 2016 titan Anderson .Paak and as you’d expect it’s flawless. Bouncy, beautifully layered and catchy as hell the song begins proceedings to great effect.

Musically, Her Too is gorgeous, every track teeing-up the next in subtle fashion. Perfectly reverberated duo vocals twinned with the muddy bass frequencies develop real texture within these songs. In addition, along with his use of tasteful brass and keys throughout SiR’s resistance to inadvertently over-produce pays testament to his talent as an artist and highlights a genuine appreciation for sound.

Track ‘Ooh Nah Nah’ featuring Masego fills the gaping circa ‘2004 Usher-shaped’ hole in everyone’s life. Soulful cries of, “I’m ready for breakfast in bed” leave little to the imagination on the songs content but telling it how it is has never sounded so graceful.

Closing track ‘W$ Boi’ displays a heavier hip-hop influence than previously showcased on Her Too. It’s clear that like fellow TDE members, SiR is delving into a more hypnotic realm of music, incorporating acid-funk and soul elements into his sound, and hypnotic it is.


Words by Alec Larkn-Riley @aleclarkinriley

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