Sigrid – ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’

Every week Spotify compiles a list of new music, hidden in one of these treasured playlist is Sigrid. ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ maybe a title commonly associated with Kendrick Lamar, however the 21-year-old Norwegian artist has somehow shifted our reference to be completely independent with its own sound. For a first ever single, Sigrid is soaring through the up-and-coming Pop scene with a rookie track that can hold high standards in a club atmosphere.


Words by Isha Shah @ishaphotos

Jamiroquai – ‘Cloud 9’

Jamiroquai is back and ‘has got us now’. ‘Cloud 9’ is the song you need to hear on a Monday morning, it’s catchy, it has that feel good sensation and brings back the funk we’ve all missed hearing.


Words by Stephanie Ospina @ospinamfj

Venom Prison – ‘Corrode The Black Sun’

The new single from album ‘Animus’, Venom Prison come in fast, heavy and hard with Corrode The Black Sun. With riffs the size of Jupiter alongside vocalist, Larissa Stupar roaring down the mic, this track will no doubt be the cause of most pits at any show or festival they play and with Download Festival on the horizon for the band, you bet that their set will be one of the heaviest of the weekend.

Words by Charlie Hill @charlie_theoryy

Cabbage – ‘Gibraltar Ape’

Cabbage are back this weekend with new music; but let’s be honest, they hadn’t left us for that long. The band released ‘Gibraltar Ape’, alongside ‘Save The Human’, which were both produced by Coral’s front man, James Skelly; and boy is it a treat.
This song is a perfect conclusion of everything Cabbage have released previously, and is an exciting first step into what the boys have for us this coming year. With post-punk themes, DIY attitudes and screeching guitar riffs that will take away your ability to have a good night’s sleep- what else did we expect from our favourite Manchester lads?

Words by Jasmine Hodge @ObviouslyItsJaz

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