Tonight is the first time that indie rockers Twin Peaks have performed in Southampton, and while playing a gig here probably wasn’t very high on their list of priorities, they do seem genuinely excited by the sold-out crowd in front of them.

“We’re from Chicago, Illinois”, announces guitarist and singer Cadien Lake James, as they launch into recent single ‘Butterfly’ with a laid-back swagger. The band say little else for the rest of the night, instead deciding to let their fuzzed-out brand of garage-rock do the talking.

They rocket through 14 songs in no time at all, including ‘Making Breakfast’ and ‘Walk To The One You Love’, which go down particularly well with the raucous audience. A singular moment of respite is the delightfully lackadaisical ‘Wanted you’ which brakes up the unruly bedlam. Only occasionally do they punctuate their set by inviting members of the audience to stage dive, which many are more than happy to do.

Showing that it’s still cool to be American, in spite of Donald Trump; these mid-western musicians orchestrate their chaos with a winning formula. Providing the audience with a glimpse of the all-American madness their Lynchian namesake suggests.

Words by George Wilde

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