Hometown: Ladbrook Grove, London
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ajtracey 

For fans of: Dave, P-Money, Nines.

The details:
AJ Tracey otherwise known as AJ from the lane, is a west London boy born and bred and swears by the white and blue of his team Tottenham Hotspur (spurs). Described by The Guardian as one of the best new acts of 2016, Tracey is only on the up after having a massive last two years.

Tracey’s stand out track of 2016 ‘Thiago Silva’ not only got his name in the flashing lights of the ever-growing grime scene but, also got fellow MC, Dave noticed. With the combination of a mesmerising flow and a catchy beat, between the two of them this tune reached over 3 Million views on YouTube and spurred them into the forefront of the ‘new era of grime.’

In this so called new era of grime it is quite refreshing to see that the origins of the genre are still alive and breathing as Tracey made his big break initially using pirate radio techniques with fellow artists from his label (My Team Paid), before moving on to the world of social media. Times change and Tracey has changed with them progressing on to YouTube channels that play such a pivotal role in the growth of artists, such as GRM Daily and Link Up TV.

Last year saw the release of his fourth EP in two years Lil Tracey, featuring singles like ‘Pasta’ and ‘Capri-Sun,’ not to mention the fun track based around the popular Netflix series ‘Luke Cage’, which has recently been released as a single.

2017 will see his EP being followed up swiftly by his first headline tour which will mostly be UK based, alongside this tour both him and Dave will be embarking on a collaborative adventure throughout the States and Canada. These live shows alongside some festival slots will surely cement him into the timeline of grime and mark the evolution of the genre.

Words by Harvey Baldwin

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