Craig David has announced that he’ll be playing at The Ageas Bowl in Southampton this September.

The one-off show, which is set to be the platinum-selling artist’s largest solo appearance in Hampshire, takes place on Friday 1st September2F3A1255-5.jpg

“This one’s going to be special,” the star stated at an exclusive press conference earlier today. “The arena tour encapsulates the live band stuff I’ve done over the years, and there’s TS5, which is something that’s really exciting for me because it’s a freestyle show taking from what I saw with huge DJs in the world blowing up. I was thinking ‘you know what, there’s a lane here – if I was able to perform as well as DJ, and put the laser show to the side for a second, the DJ thing has legs,’ and so I’ve incorporated both of those into this arena show, and you’ll be able to see it here.”

2F3A1273-13.jpgThe 35-year-old, who is also nominated for Best Male Artist at this weeks BRIT Awards, also spoke about his local upbringing, stating that Southampton is home to many fond memories. “Every time I’m driving down the avenue, or I’ve just come off the M3 and I come up the little hill, I’m like ‘this is where everything started for me’. I was a little kid with hopes and dreams living on an estate, and then you think 16 years later you’re playing at the Rose Bowl to 15,000 people. It never becomes something I take for granted, it’s not something that can ever get boring to me. I feel like that kid all over again. It’s going to be an incredible experience.”

“I feel like for any aspiring singer-songwriter or musician who’s based in Southampton, or a city that’s kind of on the outskirts, it says that anything’s possible. I think that excites me – to know that I had that little bit of hustle. I knew I wanted it, but I had to find ways and means of doing it. Having number one albums, announcing an arena tour, being back here it feels like 2000 all over again but with 16 years worth of wisdom and experience to know what really matters. Those number ones and those statistics are fantastic to tell your mates, and it’s great to have a couple of plaques on your wall, but what really matters is that I’m healthy and happy, I have my friends and family around me, and I’ve still got that enthusiasm.” 2F3A1281-16.jpg

“I’m ready to smash this out the park.”

Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday 22nd February. General sale tickets go on sale Friday 24th February at 10am.

Words by Daisy Hearn

Photos by Isha Shah

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