Employed To Serve – ‘I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away)’

There are many words that can use to describe this song, but Daniel P Carter got it in one after playing the track for the first-time on the Sunday night Radio 1 rock show- absolutely crushing. The first song to be released from Employed To Serve’s upcoming second album, the hardcore quintet have progressed their sound since their last release (Greyer Than You Remember). With chugging riffs similar to the likes of Gojira. The Warmth of a Dying Sun is set to be a killer album.


Words by Charlie Hill @Charlie_theoryy

Papa Roach – ‘Help’

It’s 2017 and Papa Roach are still a thing. If this fact alone doesn’t depress you, listening to ‘Help’ sure as hell will.

To put it straight there’s enough ingredients here for fans of the band to dig their teeth into, but for the less easily-impressed among us, lyrics like “I think I need help, because I’m drowning in myself”, as well as the horribly dated, uninspiring main riff and infuriatingly predictable song structure all contribute to a completely self-caricatural offering.


Words by Lewis Edwards @lewisjedwards97

Palm Honey – ‘Going Normal’

A cocktail of breezy synths and dissonant guitars, psych-pop Reading quartet Palm Honey boast their latest track ‘Going Normal’, which exudes tranquility, beauty and composure. Unrefined, lazy vocals scratch through the luscious, distorted instrumentation which all saunters and meanders in a carefree manner towards the end of the track.

With sluggish percussion, synths and guitars seemingly melting into one another, this song provides a hypnotic and refreshing retreat. Eventually drifting to a finish, discordant notes are individually plucked and highlighted, standing out above a serene blanket of sound.

Words by Madeline Smith

The Amazons – ‘Black Magic’

Up-and-coming alternative indie rock band The Amazons’ new single is certainly a catchy one. The heavy guitar and drum intro immediately gets a foot tapping and head bobbing, which is repeated in the chorus, contrary to the verses of the song which sound more chilled out. The guitar solo at the end of the song shows off the skill the band has, and lyrics such as ‘Do you still feel the way you did?’ make you question whether you do still feel that way, despite not having a clue what they’re really singing about.

Words by Elisha Cloughton

Header photo by Ryan Dalton Rodrigues

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