downloadLabel: New West Records

Released: 24/2/17

To fully captivate a fan of hard rock, usually one might think that they must be faced with chunky guitar riffs, concise drumming and confident, dominating vocals. Although All Them Witches’ previous album ‘Lightening At The Door’ played frequently with these traits, this new record bewitches listeners in an entirely different way.
Leaning heavily towards the genre of stoner and psych rock, ‘Sleeping Through The War’ takes literal meaning in regards to its name, in no-doubt leaving listeners feeling a little heavy-eyed. Heavy-eyed in the good sense, of course. With endless, trance-inducing melodies and hypnotic, looping guitars, this record could easily steal the consciousness of even the most vigilant of listeners.
While the album still holds the same heavy blues/psych sound as its predecessor, ‘Sleeping Through The War’ is bound by no limitations, making full use of its space and atmosphere. Although the record is perhaps a little repetitious, with most tracks following the same lethargic path, its tendency to bewitch and suck listeners into an undisturbed haze is firmly guaranteed.
‘Internet’ plays with a bluesy, western guitar sound and sluggish rhythm, finishing upon an atmospheric echo, as if fading into cyberspace. The standout track ‘Am I Going Up’ oozes sleepy psychedelia, with a repetitive rhythm and slow drumming, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. This song is the epitome of psych rock; fluid and effortless. ‘Alabaster’ is something of a peculiar dream where “everyday is halloween”, featuring a ghostly guitar riff and a fuzzy, heavily-distorted Ty Segall-esque mid-section.
Unite The Doors with Rival Sons, add a dusting of Samsara Blues Experiment, and you have ‘Sleeping Through The War’. An entrancing blend of sound, fit for those wanting a sleepy yet euphoric temporary escape from the wars of reality.

Words by Lizzie Capewell  @s4diowitch 

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