For Fans Of: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Used

The Details:
For a band that seemed to appear out of nowhere, the We’ll Be Ok Here advertised quartet have left their imprint. From months of mysterious posters hidden all around your local City, the word has finally got out about this bands soulful sound. Now, all may not be revealed right away, but what you can hear is ‘Sapphire’ the titled track from their latest EP, as well as the mesmerising single ‘Butterflies’, premiered on Upset.

The track it’s self is a visual representation of self-healing and body positivity. While the overruling theme is bright, ‘Butterflies’ is that moment of realisation, breaking through a depressive stage that caused you suffering and addiction, and you can’t embody that better than a butterfly breaking out of it’s old cocoon.

It’s not just the bands visual and lyrical depiction that captures our ears, but their undoubtedly nostalgic sound. Without making obvious comparisons, Guillotine have a certain 2000’s emo era about them, in terms of bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Used and Brand New. This essence is captured wholly in ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Yellowknife, two beautiful enchanting eruptions.

In this day and age, breaking into the UK music scene is a tough commitment, while the pressure to constantly thrive devours most up-and-coming bands, Guillotine have  their sound and image on point.

Despite  only having two songs currently out, the quartet have managed to land their way supporting The Maine, at their sold out London show at the Electric Ballroom March 25th. If you can’t wait till then, why not catch them at their very own EP release show at Dalston’s Birthdays with Wallflower and Gun Shy TODAY!

Sapphire is out today on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, and you can order it here.

Words by Isha Shah

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