18-year-old songwriter and multi instrumentalist Cosmo Pyke has released his five-track debut EP Just Cosmo. The Peckham teen’s fusion of musical styles including jazz, indie and hip hop make for an intriguing sound, resulting in lo-fi music that he describes as “spacey, beautiful and lazy”.

Notably drawing on his every day experiences as inspiration, Just Cosmo provides an insight into Pyke’s life growing up in South East London. The opening track, “Wish You Were Gone” describes Pyke’s conflicting emotions towards a love interest. Driven by the percussion, the progressive drum beat flows smoothly, complimented by the jazz style guitar. After School Club” takes on a much faster tempo with the dreamy chord progression creating a warm and feel good vibe.

“Chronic Sunshine” and “Social Sites” are the two lead singles, featuring lyrics about marijuana and the strain of social media on relationships. Relatable lyrics such as Why does she cry?/Cus’ these social sites” and catchy melodies display Pyke’s ability to write memorable pop tunes. Finally, “Great Dane” provides a laid back, breezy conclusion to the EP that incorporates Pyke’s hip hop influence. The song finishes with a freestyle-like verse, displaying Pyke’s diversity and creativity as a musician.


Words by Ollie Claridge

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