Sydney quartet With Confidence are sending the Joiners into a frenzy tonight, on the second date of their first UK headline tour. With news arising before the gig that the band would be playing their debut album, Better Weather, in full, fans are left wondering if the Aussie boys will be playing any of their older and less iconic material – tracks ‘Godzilla’ and ‘London Lights’ from their 2015 Distance EP not disappointing, keeping anticipation high. 

After a few technical difficulties, Jayden Seeley (Lead vocalist, bass) has the task of keeping the audience occupied while these are resolved, playing the SpongeBob theme tune and then pretending to leave the stage, yelling “Thanks for coming out, see you next time!” Opening the set with their most popular song, ‘Voldemort’, the crowd immediately starts jumping up and down, paired with vicious finger pointing which seems to be a standard at pop punk shows these days.

After begging Fireball Whiskey for a sponsorship, the band delves into “Dinner Bell’, influence by Yellowcard easily heard through their distorted guitar riffs and overpowering drums, leaving the room in an eerie silence as fans wait in anticipation.

Everyone is on their toes as Inigo Del Carmen (backing vocalist/guitarist) takes the opportunity to share a moment of sincerity with the silent room. “Don’t ever feel like you’re worthless. Don’t ever feel like you have no one to talk to,” he says with a bashful smile before striking his guitar and belting out the passion and emotion-filled favourite of ‘Keys’, his raw and full-of-angst vocals never letting him down.

‘We’ll Be Okay’ is the next song to stand out with the crowd, the cleverly mastered track includes techniques heavily used within pop music, making this their most memorable and the winner of ‘most likely to be stuck in your head’. Though the night closes early, the room is left with a feeling of content as the crowd finally have had their chance to see one of the most promising bands within pop punk and pop rock scenes this year. 


Words by Emily Young

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