After a three year long break from the indie scene, White Lies are back and touring the country, showcasing their glittery new record Friends. Being met with numerous sold out shows, to the crowd’s ecstatic approval, front man Harry McVeigh expresses his humble thanks, explaining that “to go away for three years, you never know what you’re really going to find when you come back”.

As a neon purple homes the stage, the band start with the high-spirited, bouncy track ‘Take It Out On Me’, and match the same vibrancy in their performance as the light which surrounds them.

Surrounded by a wall of chugging bass and infectious indie, there were moments where the much-loved 80s synth got lost in the blend, which was disappointing. However, it still managed to show its head during various tracks such as ‘Hold Back Your Love’, where the synth dominated the room, filling the venue with a shimmering, sparkling liveliness.

The night met a satisfying mixture of tracks from all three of their records such as ‘Bigger Than Us’, ‘Big Tv’, ‘Morning In LA’ and ‘First Time Caller’. During the performance, it became apparent that McVeigh held a startling similarity with The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers, sharing a low, well-rounded vocal tone with awkward stage movements; a surprising contrast against the vivacious and colourful music.  

Tonight, Portsmouth witnessed the mesmerising marriage between that of glistening synth pop and atmospheric indie rock. Although occasionally this combination wore a little thin at times, their performance was blissfully enjoyable. Even in the dark, dingey venue, White Lies managed to capture the very essence of the 80’s, however revolutionised in a way which made you feel that they were never out of fashion.


Words by Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch

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