Backed by a blinding light show of monolithic proportions, All Time Low are set to enthrall. Emerging onstage to the delighted shrieks of onlooking fans, the group lunge head first into what will prove to be a night jam-packed with fan favourites plucked straight from their discography of over 10 years.

_F3A4632-13Kicking & Screaming’ proves a perfect opener, it’s vibrant energy contagious as frontman Alex Gaskarth grins at the crowd gathered before him. ‘Weightless’ needs little introduction as the audience’s vocals all but drown out any other sound, their tangible energy carried forward into‘Somewhere In Neverland’ as guitarist Jack Barakat joyously propels himself from one side of the stage to the other. ‘Six Feet Under the Stars’ stands as a throwback to the groups founding sound, it’s distinct pop-punk vibe ever more apparent when compared to follow-up ‘Cinderblock Garden,‘ it’s guitar more polished and clean-cut than that of its predecessor, it’s ‘woah-oh-ah-oh’ chorus written for crowds such as this. The group pause for a moment, hurling banter at one another, exuberant and charismatic as the fans swarm the barrier at their feet. 

‘Canals’, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘Kids In The Dark’ all boast catchy riffs and drum beatsthat the crowd ceaselessly bob along to, whilst the groups latest single ‘Dirty Laundry’ forgoes the heavy guitars in favour of drum machines and a more synthetic sound that nevertheless keeps fans moving. Therapy’ is a slow and poetic, a welcome change of pace as crowd shift from a high-octane frenzy to a lulling, swaying source of light, mobile phones held aloft as Gaskarth and his guitar work in harmony. ‘Missing You’ lifts the tempo once again, and ‘A Love Like War’ and ‘Backseat Serenade’ prove to be fan favourites, whilst Take Cover’ is twitchy, it’sheavily distorted vocals boasting a certain sense of resistance.

_F3A4763-26The group vanish offstage, yet swiftly re-emerge to a barrage of screams to deliver two final tracks; ‘Lost In Stereo’ and ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’. And, as the night draws to an end, andconfetti rains down on an enthralled audience, it isn’t hard to understand why All Time Low garner such a committed following. From beginning to end, their delivery is flawless, a true display of their unfaltering showmanship that has been honed-in over years of relentless touring and tireless commitment – from here on out, the only way is up. 

Words by Daisy Hearn

Photos by Isha Shah


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