09d0445473781a8ec6b25247fd85c3362017111141850839Label: Caroline International

Released: 17/3/17

Picture yourself at a house party; one which is ridden with leather-clad, chain-smoking teenage hooligans, aloft with shaggy hair and masked with an odour better left un-smelt. The soundtrack? This record. Pulled Apart by Horses latest effort ‘The Haze’ is dark, dirty and maintains the same rebellious, “cooler than you” attitude one might come across on a Fidlar album.

Emitted at a constant, Tom Hudson’s raspy, had-one-too-many-cigarette vocals are basked with a forceful confidence, dominating each track with furious assurance. Most noticeably during ‘Neighbourhood Witch’, he repeatedly wails “You’re never ‘gonna take my soul”, conjuring a sharp edge against the scathing and ear-piercing guitars. Opening with a fast-paced stabbing rhythm, this track is evocative of Greenleaf’s ‘Golden Throne’ and even pulls in some of Ty Segall’s heavier works into play.

Highlights on the record include ‘The Big What If’, ‘My Evil Twin’ and the apty named ‘Prince Of Meats’. This track is ravished by unruly, heavily-distorted meaty guitar riffs, supported by a deep and dark bass tone. Essence of the punk-duo Slaves even briefly shows its head in ‘Moonbather’, with simple, aggressively-played power-chords, a moody groove, and a call-response vocal.

‘The Haze’ is a record where each component is fired at full force, creating a thickly layered wall of sound with barely any room left over to breathe. But, this is most definitely not a bad thing. Mosh-inducing and utterly wild, ‘The Haze’ evokes a state of uncontrollable mayhem, which afterwards, will undoubtingly and appropriately leave you feeling a little worse for wear, or if you like it, hazy. An album for the rebellious, unruly and defiant, in other words – Party over? Don’t expect the house to still be left standing.


Words by Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch

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