a2994278168_10Released: 17/3/17
Label: Big Scary Monsters

Just from the title of the record alone, you can kind of get a clue what the record is about, continuing on from their last album, Joy, Departed, You’re Not as ___ as You Think doesn’t deviate from the original sad themes from where they started out from. Now in no shape or form is this necessarily a bad thing for the record. On an Autumn evening when nothing else is going on in the world whilst watching the leaves fall from the trees, this is the time of the year that Sorority Noise’s third album was made for. It’s introspective without being overtly pretentious, it’s honest and above all else, relatable.

Musically speaking, the album isn’t trying anything new, three albums in now and the main sound as a band is one of hitting what they know to do best and sticking at it. With splattering’s of influences from their scene like the more punky tones of Modern Baseball to moments very similar to Pinegrove, it’s clear to tell that Sorority Noise are deeply immersed within their scene and are aware of the bands that are sending similar messages throughout their music.

What’s largely admirable about You’re Not as ___ as You Think is that the main lyrics whilst touching on sad and gloomier vibes don’t feel too somber, a key example is within the song “Is everything ok? Not right now but it will be” Whilst it’s being raw & honest about depression, the band are very keenly aware that it’ll get better creating a more uplifting and hopeful feel to the album on the whole.


Words by Charlie Hill @Charlie_Theoryy

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