Kasabian – ‘You’re in Love With a Psycho’

‘You’re in Love With a Psycho’ was portrayed as being the first single from Kasabian’s new album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ that’s meant to ‘save guitar music’, however it’s anything but.  It seems they couldn’t have chose a simpler or more safe route to go down, there’s no guitar solos which is odd considering the band claimed ‘guitar music is dead’ and they wanted to save it. The only really exciting part is towards the end when it picks up a more psychedelic feel, with synths and floaty vocals. I don’t dislike the song, Serge always manages to make it his own with his trademark vocals but to have made such a sweeping statement about the album as a whole and then release this particular single, doesn’t really seem to work.

Words by Elisha Cloughton

Against Me! – ‘Haunting, Haunted, Haunts’

With a twangy guitar and galloping drums, Against Me!’s latest single from ‘Shape Shift With Me’ has a very Western feel. Mix in a catchy chorus too, and that’s ‘Haunting, Haunted, Haunts’ to at, the perfect melody to jump around and sing along to. Although it’s missing the original bite of Against Me!’s earlier material, the beat is fast paced enough to get all the crowds moving at their Slam Dunk Festival performances later this year.


Words by Charlie Hill @Charlie_Theoryy

Fleet Foxes – ‘Third of May/Ōdaigahara’

After a six year hiatus Fleet Foxes are back. ‘Third of May/Ōdaigahara’ beautifully marks the band’s first officially released material since 2011’s Helplessness Blues, an album which demonstrated a more grandiose and layered approach to songwriting in comparison to their 2008 self-titled debut.

Sonically, ‘Third of May’ serves as a logical progression from these aforementioned albums, meandering through a wide array of moods and timbres during its nine-minute runtime. The Seattle-outfit’s trademark vocal harmonies and saccharine acoustic chords provide a familiar introduction to the song before heading off into a number of key changes and loud-quiet dynamics. Gentle finger-picked melodies are then floated over the top of subtle ambient textures in the song’s outro to cap off Fleet Foxes’ most ambitious offering yet.


Words by Lewis Edwards @lewisjedwards97

Creeper – ‘Down Below’

Once again, Southampton’s finest punks in Creeper have treated us all to another glimpse into their highly anticipated debut record, Eternity In Your Arms. Whilst ‘Down Below’ is strikingly different to the likes of ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Black Rain’, it’s full to the brim of catchy riffs and Will Gould’s unique vocals taking centre stage. There’s a glorious old school My Chemical Romance vibe to the track, echoing words and gentle piano keys before loud noise strikes you in the face. It’s as if it brings back all of those teenage feelings you’d once forgotten about and with the release date creeping (not even sorry for the pun) closer, the excitement can barely contain itself.


Words by Harriet Stanley

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