Cambridge five-piece Mallory Knox take to the Portsmouth Pyramids stage approaching the end of their first UK headline tour in over a year, supporting their new third album, WIRED.

On both sides of the stage are giant lights in the shape of MK which illuminate red as the first couple of bars of their lead single ‘Giving It Up’ is played on repeat, and one by one every member appears on stage followed lastly by front man Mikey Chapman. The opening lyric straight away engages the entire room “Clean – I think it’s time to come clean” kicking off the show strongly.


The set continues at that level of energy and spirit, not slowing down until eight songs in with ‘Falling In Love’ from WIRED which starts of slightly quieter and not as riff heavy as other tracks, drawing more attention to vocal melodies and lyrics that delve slightly deeper into the complexities of relationships. The setlist is heavily packed full of songs from their second album Asymmetry and their latest WIRED – tracks from debut album Signals were hard to come by, only three appearing on the setlist and unfortunately not one from the EP Pilot although it being mentioned between songs during the night.


Closing with an encore of fan favourite ‘Lighthouse’ and new single ‘Better Off Without You’ was a perfect closer to the night. Every beat and every note during the show is perfectly tuned and in time, almost perfect to the studio recordings perhaps not including the jäger-bomb induced false start of the song ‘Wake Up’ by guitarist Joe Savins however forgivable. Chapman’s vocals raspy and sultry vocals are strong throughout every dynamic and every song. The band continue to put on exciting and captivating shows with no sign of slowing down.

 Words by Éimer Harper


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