With Southampton’s music scene ever growing the city has been screaming out for a small venue, one that could host the best of up and coming bands from all over the country. In a new venture by Psychedelia South’s director Tom Dyer, we’ve got it, in the shape of Heartbreakers. The venue – which will also double up as a bar – promises to house some top class bands with many already announced including melodic Leeds band Caro, an album launch show for the city’s darlings Pale Seas, as well as a teaming up with So Young Magazine and Honeymooner to bring Yowl and Lice to the city to show off some London and Bristol talent respectively.

The venue boasts a 100 capacity bar on the ground floor which will be open seven days a week, with food and cocktails on offer as well as their very own American-style Pale Ale. Upstairs is the live music venue (also fit for 100 revelers) which will host a plethora of top class newcomers as well as some old favourites. A full list of Heartbreakers live shows can be found here along with other great Psychedelia South shows.

Heartbreakers will also see the return of Dyer’s very own club night Club Psychedelia return to its Saturday night slot, showcasing talent in the form of Palm Honey, Rascalton and Dead Pretties as well as DJ’s on both floors playing a range of music, stemming from indie and rock to ‘50s and ‘60s classics.

With Heartbreakers set to open its doors at the end of September expect to find a new prime location for some of the UK’s most exciting new bands, as well as a club night to gel the city’s music scene together. Heartbreakers is a more than welcome addition to a thriving Southampton scene.

Words: Callum McCormack


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